Indie all the way



June brings in cheer. Middle of the year, not much goes either way, better or worse. In June’s midway feel it has been good to flow along and take those invites that friends send. Last evening was a book launch. The author cycled from Bengaluru to Delhi, to the opening of Commonwealth Games. His school’s physical ed teacher had a cycle ride of his own in 1982. The student followed in 2010. It was admirable that the author felt he had a story to share, to write about. In all these years, have never had even a sliver of the conviction that this guy had and wrote with. 

A quirky guy and his rather small and fiercely independent, sassy bookstore can be trusted with providing a platform to such adorable people. A friend works at this place. And in his own simple way opens the launch by reading an excerpt from the author’s book. All of the author’s schoolmates came down to the bookstore. The sense of fellowship in the store last evening was fascinating. We could be better as a species, if we’d want to! Figured that I had dined at one of those guy’s house long years back, with his Mum. And here we were being introduced by his physical ed teacher. Way of the world was never easy to discern. Convinced that the exercise is futile. Living with this. 

To such indie bookstores, all the love and adoration. City felt lighter and better this evening.

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