The Missing Piece Meets the Big O

When we first connected over children’s lit, Shel Silverstein’s book became the first gift. His stories filled our imagination, our conversations and together we marveled at a child’s world and how we’d forever want to be connected to it even as we grow. Scans of every interesting story from the school library were shared just so that we didn’t miss out on any. Years later I was told I never give any gift.

It only seems fitting that I sit reading Shel’s Missing Piece and Big O story alone in this city. The missing piece is beginning to roll by itself.

“I think you are the one I have been waiting for,” said the missing piece. “Maybe I am your missing piece.”

“But I am not missing a piece,” said the Big O. “There is no place you would fit.”

“That is too bad,” said the missing piece. “I was hoping that perhaps I could roll with you…”

“You cannot roll with me,” said the Big O, “but perhaps you can roll by yourself.”

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