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In July, 2014 , I ventured into teaching, with an uncertain intent. This is supposed to be an adventure, an expedition into education from a different end (as a teacher) and not a full time career.  I joined an alternative school in Bangalore as a high school teacher. I am an instructor in sociology and economics to senior secondary kids who encounter these subjects academically for the first time. Knowing this, it poses a slightly tall order, in a sense that I do a good job of helping the kids find interest in these subjects than run away from it due to boredom or fear.

This page is about experiences as a teacher in a high school, observations and learning from an alternative school and notes on sociology and economics. These merit a separate page as this job, for me, is very much out of the league of things that I do professionally or otherwise. Back in our company, in the kind of work we do it could be days without a personal interaction with people and certainly not with teenagers or younger children. The opportunities and space for reflection, thinking and engaging with children that a school presents is proving to be very enriching. This page is a parking space for all conversations from the school and from my teaching days.


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