RothPassing away we tend to say in the East. Died they say in the West. One imagines that passing away might be a respite for one thinking in the ‘passing’ sense, at least in those brief minutes before the departure. Philip Roth passed away. I hope it is a respite and journey into a better […]

The art of preface: Woman, Body, Desire in Post-colonial India

For two days a week that I spend working at a university, I spend a part of my time reading preface of books and digging archives. If a preface gets my attention and is compelling enough, the book gets read for sure. Jyoti Puri’s Woman, Body, Desire in Post-colonial India (Routledge) is one such. The […]

Preface from Women, Body, Desire in Post-Colonial India

Some books are encounters, as this one by Jyoti Puri. The idea of women, body and desire isn’t as appealing as the context in which Puri sets it. The author’s preface reads a very fine piece in a researcher’s personal ethics, honesty and humility with which the material is presented. She writes, Despite the personal and […]

A lot of little boy leftOn Steinbeck, his friend Nathaniel Benchley had a lot to say. But above all was this admiration for the man who had a child-like enthusiasm for things. A lot of it comes across in Travels With Charley. Steinbeck’s love for the road and readiness for all sorts of adventure in […]

To Categorise Are some experiences difficult to categorise? Indeed. And so are some relationships. Popova gets the grain of such relationships very well in these lines – “Those relationships we call platonic are difficult enough to taxonomize, but when a friendship becomes punctuated by the pulse-beat of romantic love, when two people cease to know what […]