On hope and despair

30/06/2018Two things happened - Heather Able’s remarkably apt words excerpted from her debut novel The Optimistic Decade and a conversation where one found the other not as dull as the written words. So, may be there are two selves. One which speaks - in person, on phone etc and the other that writes, in a [...]

Ivanka’s Jacket

Let me wear’em, the wordsLet me not say’em, the wordsUnsaid travels better in this worldDidn’t Ali say, when we speak we only pollute?So jackets shall we? Less pollution, more hurtZara makes it, Ivanka wears it, privilege buys itIn this new fashion show of the worldHumanity never makes it.

loop loop loop… (if Barthelme was to write. That tendency to write a word thrice… infected!)Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan first performed this Mirabai bhajan during his tour to India in 1979. That line ‘pritam ka kuch dosh nahi hai’ strikes differently, in this little room on the terrace, every time it arrives. How amazing, this timelessness of [...]


प्यार था, बेहद लगाव थापर अब ज़िद्द भी हैलफ्ज़ ज़ाया अब ना करेंगेंइंतेज़ार के दौर से नये ख्वाबों की दहलीज़ तककदम अब ना रुकेंगे pyar tha, behad lagaav thapar abb zidd bhi hailafz abb na zaaya karengeintezar ke daur se naye khwabon ki dehleez takkadam abb na rukenge


24/01/2018Four letters sent out for every word that was receivedWhere the day ended hopes soared in anticipationOf another word from you, which sent a little more of youWords were sustenance which you knew well to withdrawYour absence left me lifeless, now your silence carves the tombstoneIn the mausoleum of our love try leaving a few [...]

Words again

As this dialogue appeared I thought of many of us don’t find words of any use, any good. Why? Do they not come from a real person? What is this cruel conditionality of actions? What IS action? Where is this love? I can’t see it, I can’t touch it. I can’t feel it. I can [...]