State-Judiciary pact in the neoliberal times – MFC Discussion [3]

A sharp, clear speaking labour lawyer presents this case of Andhra Pradesh Mining Development Corporation (APMDC) which violated occupational health and safety laws in a quartz mine opened in 1964 in a remote location in Mehboobnagar district. Case Status: Ongoing, Writ Petition in Andhra Pradesh High Court Facts:  A quartz mine of APMDC operated from 1964 to [...]

India, Partha Chatterjee’s Political Society & Foucault

A fellow traveller writes in after his recent trip to Himalayas and then deep down south India to this holy town Rameshwaram. He says, "Something binds us!  Something beyond the gravels of Government!  Something beyond the North-South Blocks at New Delhi!  We were immersed upon this question during flashes of free mind. But we were [...]