Ringside view: Muay Thai

Lean bodies, torsos, tattoos, the heavy footsteps pacing before combat, deep drawn breaths, jaws moving with last minute adjustment of the guard inside their mouth, tugs and loosening of arms, furtive dance-like movement of legs as a warm up in the few minutes leading up to the bell strike and the gaze. Every single contestant […]

China and Chinese. Can’t help admire their focus on excelling in every sport. EVERY! Last week when Sherpa Kami Rita made a world record in summit Everest 22 times, he was with Chinese climbers. Wang Qiang has been rising over the years. Out there in distance running, Chinese runners are busy training year round in […]

Super interesting cycling calendar in India this year. Over 22 rides on 28th April. 17 Manali-Leh rides. Some as late as September. Not sure if the organizers are realistic. Snows in by mid-August. And discovered Nagpur Randonneurs too!