Black Holes & Possibilities

Reading about some new findings from research on black holes, courtesy a renewed interest in astronomy last week. The fertility of conversations leave me awestruck at times. This piece is prose and science communication in turns.  As detailed in a report published last week in Physical Review Letters, observers entering certain kinds of theoretical black holes […]

Flight Plan: Lessons from Insects , Cafe Scientifique Bangalore, Talk-2

Cafe Scientifique Bangalore is a new venture by a group of researchers in the city. This evening, I attended the second talk since its beginning. It aims to be a hub bridging science and public perception in its own small way of facilitating public lectures and discussions by scientists/researchers from a wide range of disciplines. […]

Scientific Knowledge explored through Theory of Evolution

The following is a paper I wrote on the nature of scientific knowledge examined through Theory of Evolution. This was a paper developed as a part of a course in evolution that I signed up for this year.  On nature of scientific knowledge Theory of evolution from its formative stages to the current is a […]