Chasing the Fast Pack: Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020

Mumbai, 2020 "How is Mumbai's course?" he asked. "I don't know, but not the fastest for sure'' I said. This isn't a kind of question that concerns me. But being asked I began thinking of it from a recreational runner's perspective. I haven't quite thought of marathon courses that way. The seconds haven't mattered. Maybe, … Continue reading Chasing the Fast Pack: Tata Mumbai Marathon 2020

A quick 5 km at Sankey in rain. Snatching time these days. Figured that making time isn’t working. The little sinkholes into which hours go down, all 24 of them. Update: Messed up the sweet sense of having gone out for a run on a not so bright evening, by watching Tom Cruise run in the … Continue reading

31/7/2018 NLS Trail This day the year tips over to the other side. Marked this with a 14km run. The pond on the trail is already lower than half. The trail tests but prepares well for marathons ahead. 5:36 pace on the rocks.

28/07/2018 GKVK Trail today. Waited for the train to pass. Somewhere in the canopy a Bulbul’s chirp could be heard. Ants love the rain too, it appears. After a shower, there are always plenty. Took a break watching ants, resumed on a Punjabi playlist. 12 km with 5:16 pace. Another long break and I should … Continue reading