‘Let me go build a free hospital’: Indian Healthcare and CMC Vellore’s history

In thinking about healthcare systems - capability and capacity, a broad consensus in India is that the Indian state has failed in providing it. This diagnosis is broadly accepted. However, in thinking about responses to address the problems, it might be useful to not be completely led by experiences in the private sector - there … Continue reading ‘Let me go build a free hospital’: Indian Healthcare and CMC Vellore’s history

Day 24: Thinking about trade offs & public policy

17/04/2020 Day 24 The days have begun to lose their sharp boundaries defined by everyday change and variety. Today is no different than yesterday - wake up, prepare for nowhere, coffee, news, cook meals, a couple of phone calls, webinars via zoom, coffee, dinner and sleep. This can be copy pasted for almost every day … Continue reading Day 24: Thinking about trade offs & public policy

A term as Teaching Assistant

In June, 2018 I finished assisting on a course on Public Finance for master degree students at my home institution - National Law School. Time spent on delivering this course has been a useful opportunity to observe higher education learning and teaching. This post is to gather key takeaways from this engagement. Moreover, it seems … Continue reading A term as Teaching Assistant

[Policy Thinking]: A Flowchart

In the type of work we do in our consulting practice - research, evaluation and advisory, there is seldom time to develop theoretical insights, during the preparatory phase or during an ongoing work. It helps us to have (relatively) quick process flows; application oriented concepts and most importantly actionable insights. This is where one cannot … Continue reading [Policy Thinking]: A Flowchart

Economics, Development & Policy Takeaways, 2017

It has been an extraordinary year in academic realm, especially in public policy and economics. This is the year when economics got realistic, if one regards the annual Nobel Prize in Economics as a defining moment in economics research. Richard Thaler won it for for showing how the human traits of 'limited rationality, social preferences, and lack of … Continue reading Economics, Development & Policy Takeaways, 2017

Quick Take: Policy as the new law

Is policy the new law? The quick take here pursues this question. The observation appears to hold ground considering the manner in which important decisions are made and implemented by governments worldwide, although this applies more to democracies than other forms of political systems. There is an increasing preference to policy making over law making. This … Continue reading Quick Take: Policy as the new law

Understanding Public Policy Research – A schematic

Here is a ‘discipline neutral’ way of understanding policy research. This stuff comes out from a course on Introduction to Policy Research that I take this term. Interestingly enough this is the first time that we have a specific course titled as that – Public Policy, as a part of any graduate program in an … Continue reading Understanding Public Policy Research – A schematic