Bonjour India Pondicherry 09/02/2018 Attended an unusual in music concert in the evening - Flautist Hariprasad Chaurasia with Diabolous in Musica, a group performing Gregorain Chants. Life throws up a surprise and this time it was musical. Loved the voices. There was one playing a harp to accompany the vocals. Also, was pained to see … Continue reading

Trust this bookstore to always throw up a gem of a book, which comes through as a meteor striking. There are two meteors this afternoon and they were promptly taken. Vak, continues. Its shelves have the same variety of literature, which hasn’t changed over the years but which makes a different meaning everytime the visitor … Continue reading

09/02/2018 Pondicherry Woke up when the town settled for its siesta. Coffee House in a few minutes and time travel to a decade back immediately after. Nostalgia is reassuring at times. And borrowing JK’s quote from Bombay talks of February 1985, ‘that benediction is where you are’.

Night is a slow progress. Tomorrow’s sun will be on the Eastern coast. In that town where the years of youth lay strewn on it’s streets and its beaches. Where one dreamt and goes to dream, over and over again. Delusional or reasonable, either way… This place is about hope and cheer.