AkhmatovaAkhmatova’s sparkling prose is a discovery this morning. Someone shared it on twitter, and work day turns into poetry deep dive. This one is an untitled poem, from her collection ‘Evening’. Words read as a poetic articulation of last year.And when we had cursed each other,Passionate, white hot,We still didn’t understandHow small the earth can … Continue reading

Hindi Poetry’s New Age Poet

बाकी कविता शब्दों से नहीं लिखी जाती,  पूरे अस्तित्व को खींचकर एक विराम की तरह कहीं भी छोड़ दी जाती है…   - कुँवर नारायण  Here’s another man, Kunwar Narayan, who read English literature and wrote in Hindi. Why don’t I ever meet such people when they are alive? Always to communion with ghosts, of those living … Continue reading Hindi Poetry’s New Age Poet

Reading SzymborskaSlept with Daag’s poetry and woke up to Szymborska’s. A Twitter user shares this, which must be posted here to make it available for those moments when I search for poetry again, on my own wall.This, a season of dissolving memories.

04/6/2018Daag ke kuch khyaal, Aligarh wali kitaab se:Pehla khyaal -‘Aagey aati thi yaad bhi teri,Abb kabhi bhool kar nahi aati’ Dusra khyaal - 'Kisi ka mujhko na mohtaj rakh zamaane meinKami hai kaun si ya rabb tere khazaane mein’Iss raat parinda azaad ho chala…

Poetry heals Afaq Mahmoud, read this poem at a PEN meet. The depth and form, of these lines, are a revelation of the healing potential of poetry. Love it. Will live it. ’because when grief makes a home out of you,you learn to make a home out of everything else.”(H/T Samira)

RomanticsShamelessly borrowing this from Popova, for this fine poem must be available here, to read, when those searching moments hit. Lisel Mueller’s poem ‘Romantics’ dedicated to Brahms and Schumann - ROMANTICSJohannes Brahms and      Clara SchumannThe modern biographers worry“how far it went,” their tender friendship.They wonder just what it meanswhen he writes he thinks of her constantly,his … Continue reading

loop loop loop… (if Barthelme was to write. That tendency to write a word thrice… infected!)Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan first performed this Mirabai bhajan during his tour to India in 1979. That line ‘pritam ka kuch dosh nahi hai’ strikes differently, in this little room on the terrace, every time it arrives. How amazing, this timelessness of … Continue reading