Lalbagh 16/11/2018 When the winter breeze begins blowing When the city’s auditoriums fill with plays Under the soft morning light in Lalbagh I sit, reading to the wind A collection of poems in hand Short stories in my bag Giant Silk Cotton Trees, three of them With me, behind the bench I sit Little men [...]


Jim Harrison’s poem ‘Barking’. I imagine the man lived a full life.  BARKING The moon comes up. The moon goes down. This is to inform you that I didn’t die young. Age swept past me but I caught up. Spring has begun here and each day brings new birds up from Mexico. Yesterday I got a [...]

Before leaving

We leave half a world of memories abandoned but after having lived them well. I cruise through those with an intention of making more, every night, after drifting into sleep. I wake up and think of the other half that is yet to be created. For the remaining half, we do not meet. We walk [...]