Five minutes this morning that grip! Photography talk with someone late last night which led to thinking about what is it that photos do to our conscience. Nan Goldin’s brief words, not on photos but on life and its ways. There is a removed poise and an acknowledgement of the human condition… and yet empathy and … Continue reading

‘Post some pics’ , was the trigger to look back at pictures from Oslo of 2016. I’ve never quite figured my relationship with photography and what is the nature of that urge to take pictures of places visited. Early years of university, it was a compulsive drive to take pictures , stunning ones; figure the … Continue reading

Dawn Upon Delhi – Photo exhibition at NGMA

There's an interesting exhibition of photographs going on at NGMA, Bangalore titled "Dawn Upon Delhi" this month. It is a rich collection of photographs from the 19th and 20th century Delhi, especially of the time when Delhi went on to become "New" Delhi and the three grand 'assemblages' called Durbars. The exhibition is curated by … Continue reading Dawn Upon Delhi – Photo exhibition at NGMA