Returning from a ride

04/11/2018 The year is turning soon. From the highways, it was as though South of this country is a glasshouse, separate from the Northern landmass. Days are pleasant here. Sun is soft. October and November are windy and the landscapes appear fluttering like flags in wind. With December, as Brigade Road lights up for Christmas [...]

Five minutes this morning that grip! Photography talk with someone late last night which led to thinking about what is it that photos do to our conscience. Nan Goldin’s brief words, not on photos but on life and its ways. There is a removed poise and an acknowledgement of the human condition… and yet empathy and [...]


Jim Harrison’s poem ‘Barking’. I imagine the man lived a full life.  BARKING The moon comes up. The moon goes down. This is to inform you that I didn’t die young. Age swept past me but I caught up. Spring has begun here and each day brings new birds up from Mexico. Yesterday I got a [...]

On Failure Not sure how these readings surface on the screen. Seems like a mean little divine algorithm running in the background which throws up writing with parallels to current life situations. Not complaining. This is enriching if anything.


“Friends, Romans and countrymen… Ambition should be made of sterner stuff.” Immediately brings back EconHist professor from university. He’d start his day’s lecture by addressing the bunch with this line… Dude would play Beatles in the brief minutes before lecture and during breaks. Remembering the romantic! And drawing lessons to move ahead with. It is remarkable [...]