Day 39: On writing, workers & Arjun Sengupta

Day 39 For a fluff writer like me the only way learning happens is through iterations. I am in the seventh week of writing everyday. Writing, exercise and reading have filled up the hours of these lockdown days. There was boredom kicking in, on some days, even in doing these. I didn’t hit saturation, but … Continue reading Day 39: On writing, workers & Arjun Sengupta

Day 33: Learning and Change

26/04/2020 Day 33 Patience is thin these days. The shortness of attention span and thoughts flocking around concerns of days ahead are straining conversations often. We are six days away from the official date of lifting the national lockdown. Meanwhile, I hear many states have begun opening up businesses and government offices. The situation continues … Continue reading Day 33: Learning and Change