9/7/2018KampalaKampala’s playlist goes on until early hours, uninterrupted and loud. Sleep if one must, enveloped by sound. Travelers join in, linger, drop out, sleep, get back… Hordes continue this way, as though some sort of natural order among backpackers. The residents speak of the city’s nightlife. One notices it - the music, people milling about, … Continue reading

Kigali youngsters on KN 2 show up for a promo. These young men and women smile as easily as the breeze that blows in these hills. Grumpy Indian can learn a good deal, about shaking a hip even as one waits for the bus to arrive, or smile as one walks past.

Rwanda reads - 17/7/2018KigaliDian Fossey. With all the gorilla trekking in this country’s high season for tourism, hard to not think of three lovely ladies who did much to shape my early childhood impressions . In adult life too, Fossey continues to inspire. Her lines, feel as though were waiting for me to get here … Continue reading