Midnight Sun

13/06/2018A walk along the Opera House to the harbour is for all days and all hours. The skyline grows. Construction cranes more than the birds, sometimes. A little Mumbai-like wave hits when the DFDS ferry arrives with its cruise passengers. June in Oslo is all about daylight and warmth. Sun doesn’t set for long. Sunlight [...]

10 miler at Cubbon this morning was smooth. A new running friend to pace with, and an absolutely well proportioned body to watch in stride. As suspected got hungry midway. Glad that some have set up fruit kiosks along a stretch. India can be so damn over the top with its enterprising ways. Never been [...]

Indie all the way

02/6/2018June brings in cheer. Middle of the year, not much goes either way, better or worse. In June’s midway feel it has been good to flow along and take those invites that friends send. Last evening was a book launch. The author cycled from Bengaluru to Delhi, to the opening of Commonwealth Games. His school’s [...]

03/6/3018 Trail this evening had a school of excited parakeets and overgrown grass. Rains have an effect on all of us making this evening trail environment. GKVK’s sapota orchard is done with its season’s fruits. Distances feel effortless lately. Enjoyed listening to Sacks on a podcast for half of it. Rest was sohneyo playlist. Twelve [...]