Organic products space is overrun with creative types and quirky names. An update into this space was long due. Should have been nice to run an essential oils processing unit to supply these. Unpolished, organic rice to sample for a few days, on a friend’s recco. And an organic detergent soap too.

Paradox of running 24/06/2018GKVK TrailAmong the many little epiphanies that constitute daily life, this evening’s was discovery of a paradox. When more time is taken to enjoy the views on a trail, precious run time minutes are spent on photographing instead of running, then the pace and distance improves. Not sure how. But it does. … Continue reading

21/06/2018Ran at Sankey this evening. Got there before the bats set out foraging and managed to have a sky without them. Solstice confuses bats too perhaps.Love on this day, for it is the longest.With 8k, resuming in the city. Always good to get back.

10 miler at Cubbon this morning was smooth. A new running friend to pace with, and an absolutely well proportioned body to watch in stride. As suspected got hungry midway. Glad that some have set up fruit kiosks along a stretch. India can be so damn over the top with its enterprising ways. Never been … Continue reading