Lalbagh 16/11/2018 When the winter breeze begins blowing When the city’s auditoriums fill with plays Under the soft morning light in Lalbagh I sit, reading to the wind A collection of poems in hand Short stories in my bag Giant Silk Cotton Trees, three of them With me, behind the bench I sit Little men [...]

Returning from a ride

04/11/2018 The year is turning soon. From the highways, it was as though South of this country is a glasshouse, separate from the Northern landmass. Days are pleasant here. Sun is soft. October and November are windy and the landscapes appear fluttering like flags in wind. With December, as Brigade Road lights up for Christmas [...]

Organic products space is overrun with creative types and quirky names. An update into this space was long due. Should have been nice to run an essential oils processing unit to supply these. Unpolished, organic rice to sample for a few days, on a friend’s recco. And an organic detergent soap too.

Paradox of running 24/06/2018GKVK TrailAmong the many little epiphanies that constitute daily life, this evening’s was discovery of a paradox. When more time is taken to enjoy the views on a trail, precious run time minutes are spent on photographing instead of running, then the pace and distance improves. Not sure how. But it does. [...]