Pustakanche Gao

This region gets prettier by the year. Wai, Kas and now Bhilar http://www.livemint.com/Leisure/cOAzB4CLFJ5KQzLtFGvySK/Pune-to-Bhilar-The-book-village.html “आयुष्यात मला भावलेलं एक गुज सांगतो. उपजिविकेसाठीआवश्यक असणाऱ्या विषयाचं शिक्षण जरुर घ्या. पोटापाण्याचा उद्योग जिद्दीनं करा, पण एवढ्यावरच थांबू नका. साहित्य, चित्र, संगीत, नाट्य, शिल्प, खेळ ह्यांतल्या एखाद्या तरी कलेशी मैत्री जमवा. पोटापाण्याचा उद्योग तुम्हाला जगवील, पण कलेशी जमलेली मैत्री तुम्ही का जगायचं … Continue reading Pustakanche Gao

Trust this bookstore to always throw up a gem of a book, which comes through as a meteor striking. There are two meteors this afternoon and they were promptly taken. Vak, continues. Its shelves have the same variety of literature, which hasn’t changed over the years but which makes a different meaning everytime the visitor … Continue reading

Economics, Development & Policy Takeaways, 2017

It has been an extraordinary year in academic realm, especially in public policy and economics. This is the year when economics got realistic, if one regards the annual Nobel Prize in Economics as a defining moment in economics research. Richard Thaler won it for for showing how the human traits of 'limited rationality, social preferences, and lack of … Continue reading Economics, Development & Policy Takeaways, 2017