Apa PantAdorable adorable writing by Apa Pant. I knew that an Indian diplomat received HH Dalai Lama when he escaped from Tibet. Didn’t knew it was Apa. Guess I’ve been thinking of Maharashtra and it’s people a little too much lately, to be coming across books and people from the state. His dedication page is … Continue reading

23/06/2018 In this little setting, the talk today is of stem cell research. Again, the good friend at bookstore tips me off about it. And found another Oliver Jeffers book (Stuck). Kept it aside immediately, and by the end, didn’t buy it. Guess, somethings need to be left behind. 

There is nothing straight about desire at all

Late night read. Madhavi Menon’s interview. This one’s quite interesting in the way Menon frames it -  Q: You write, “A far cry from the dominant history of sexuality that would assign one identity to one person, dargahs provide us with a window onto a world of desirous possibilities, none of which are spelled out … Continue reading There is nothing straight about desire at all

On booksRead Jeanette Winterson’s views on books, via twitter, this morning. “It was actually books that started to make those pockets of freedom, which I hadn’t otherwise experienced. I do see them as talismans, as sacred objects. I see them as something that will protect me, I suppose, that will save me.”Ihave held them as … Continue reading

Pustakanche Gao

This region gets prettier by the year. Wai, Kas and now Bhilar http://www.livemint.com/Leisure/cOAzB4CLFJ5KQzLtFGvySK/Pune-to-Bhilar-The-book-village.html “आयुष्यात मला भावलेलं एक गुज सांगतो. उपजिविकेसाठीआवश्यक असणाऱ्या विषयाचं शिक्षण जरुर घ्या. पोटापाण्याचा उद्योग जिद्दीनं करा, पण एवढ्यावरच थांबू नका. साहित्य, चित्र, संगीत, नाट्य, शिल्प, खेळ ह्यांतल्या एखाद्या तरी कलेशी मैत्री जमवा. पोटापाण्याचा उद्योग तुम्हाला जगवील, पण कलेशी जमलेली मैत्री तुम्ही का जगायचं … Continue reading Pustakanche Gao