How Long For Dar Es Salaam? : More, more, more

The specifics of travel in these times are standard. We know our way through the border controls, airports, transfers and how to arrive at hotels in new cities. In most parts of the world this is straightforward. The discomfort about the unknown begins beyond this point when the guidebook is not taken, travel forums are [...]

Travel misadventure 13/7/2018LusakaHad three options - pay 600 dollars for temporary permit into this country; tweet to sushma swaraj; or get the fuck out.Chose third. 6 hours later Dar Es Salam’s welcoming coast on the horizon and all ends well.

Is linguistic diversity related to development?

While discussing language this afternoon I happened to notice that linguistic diversity across the world maps quite well over the development status of countries worldwide. What I see is that the most linguistically diverse countries (or regions) of the world are also the countries which are less developed or developing according to their economic status. [...]