25/2/2018 In the bougainvillea shrubs by the fence, a Bulbul can be heard chirping. That is the only sound on the farm since morning. When the wind picks up, bamboo stocks can be heard rustling. This stay is about listening. And no running at all!

Take this to the Danube shores, to the Pixie -  But tell me, did the wind sweep you off your feet?Did you finally get the chance to dance along the light of dayAnd head back toward the Milky Way?

The language of ‘likes’A kind of conversation develops when strangers begin to register each other’s preferences, likes, interests, experiences… from the posts that they make on their blogs. This making of an association, which is too early to label friendship, yet a relationship in its own right, is a striking unravelling of the new social. … Continue reading

Black Panther CostumesWaris (@diasporicblues) does a series on costumes in Black Panther. Gorgeous stuff. Basotho blankets and Ndebele neck rings are irresistibly beautiful.