Reading Borges - 1Before the morning rush, sat with a few pages from Borges’ anthology. The fact that the man picked up a collection of his writing and suggests the reader that these are what he would like the reader to see as his work, sticks as a reminder all through. From the titles to … Continue reading

Have watched this avenue on a part of the trail grow over four years. Mere watching something over a long period of time leads to a connection sometimes. Feels that way underneath most tree avenues in GKVK. The runner has seen them in every season. They have seen the runner in every mood. #running

Some say Carusso is his finest. Some say, it is Nessum Dorma. I’d say play both and then some more from the discography of this fine man on today’s rain-washed evening. Opera, for the evening. The evening takes one back to another day when in October’s persistent rain two tramps made a hasty walk to Berlin … Continue reading