A ritual is to pick up books for upcoming travels. This week is for history - methods, narratives and working with archives. Picked up Truschke’s recent work on Aurangzeb, that opens with this elegant and striking quote that she attributes to Aurangzeb. Man is an interesting subject on death bed, that is, if death arrives … Continue reading

It’s Insignificant Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron are an adorable couple, living and enjoying their time together, where instead people see an unusual pairing.“To Brigitte, always present and even more, without whom I wouldn’t be who I am,” he said after winning the election. “She will be next to me because she has always been next to me,” … Continue reading

On novels as a source of social interpretation This excerpt from T N Madan’s text Non-Renunciation: Themes and Interpretations of Hindu Culture is by far the most important though in advancing the near absurd divide between ‘real’ and 'imaginary’ worlds. Helps the cause of social scientist as well as those who often tend to assert … Continue reading