Returning Indians

Both, Hemingway and Virginia Woolf insisted that one ought not to judge. Describe, not opine, they suggest. I try. Then, sometimes a surge of thoughts make things go haywire. An instance - the range of views that Indians returning to India dole out as they make their way back. Lately, I have come across quite [...]

Observations from parent-teacher meeting

Last week at Poorna, we had parent-teacher meeting (PTM) spanning over two days. I was looking forward to this since the current academic year began. I wanted to see and get to know the parents of the kids I was spending time with in sociology classes. At Poorna these meetings have an unhurried and informal [...]

On contract research & CROs

A contract research organization (CRO) is a firm which provides research services on contract basis to firms in pharma, biotech and medical devices industry. When research services are provided by a company in any other area which is outside of these sectors it is generally labelled as consulting. In the past four odd years in [...]

First things first – bombings & governance

Derek Gregory at Geographical Imaginations shares this interesting special issue - Game of Drones of the New Inquiry. From the set of essays, Madiha Tahrir's reportage on bombings in Pakistan is a painful read of what the human condition looks like amidst the killer drones which has been more frequent in the Pakistani skies that the birds [...]

Anatomy of a Disaster: Cyclone Phailin

This month we are on an assignment which takes us to cyclone affected districts of Orissa. Reflecting on what we saw from our travel in the region in the aftermath of Cyclone Phailin (which struck India’s eastern coast on October 12, 2013) it appears that Odisha's preparedness and response to the disaster is an extraordinary example [...]