Day 37: Law and the Pandemic

30/04/2020 Day 37 I read Prof Baxi’s piece ‘Emerging Laws & Jurisprudence’ dwelling into ‘the exercise of the suo motu jurisdiction by courts’ in India’s fight against Covid-19. As always, his writing is a mixed bag. He places legal researchers ‘among the frontline of combatants against a sinister global pandemic’. Surely that would stand true … Continue reading Day 37: Law and the Pandemic

Reading Foucault & thinking college activism

This has been in the making for several years now - trying to identify the causal chain from ideas to action, especially since the first reading of Foucault. The ongoing trouble in colleges and universities of Delhi presents a case to reflect upon this causal chain. There comes a phase in student life when encounters … Continue reading Reading Foucault & thinking college activism

Explorations in Marxist social theory & a book review

This one will be a longer post than usual, but delights me especially because I could manage to get a somewhat minimal sense of the range of thoughts and ideas in the Marxist lineage, which has been a long going effort. The post includes a discussion of a clutch of the thinkers in a rather … Continue reading Explorations in Marxist social theory & a book review

Sexual Harassment & Appropriate Sexual Behaviour: An alternative view (Part 2/2)

Continuing from Sexual Harassment: An alternative view, the following post traces the trajectory of the movement against sexual harassment in India. The first major event that drew attention to this issue was FOWA’s action in the 1980s. A 1991 report from the same organization describes it as – (…) militant action by the Forum Against … Continue reading Sexual Harassment & Appropriate Sexual Behaviour: An alternative view (Part 2/2)

Sexual Harassment & Appropriate Sexual Behaviour: An alternative view (Part 1/2)

his post is inspired from a paranoia-laced militant behaviour that I witnessed last week, of a Professor (in a law school) as she spoke about the law school's sexual harassment code, repeatedly emphasizing how robust the school's code is.
It traces genealogy of terms "sex", "gender" and "sexual harassment" and their connotations in contemporary times.

Theorizing Rape and Potential Rapists

I have often felt that the urge to theorize does more disservice to the disciplines apart from the waste of time and resources that happens anyway. The discontent is about the sort of scholarship prevails that has no link to practice. Then that begets the question if one should even care for such scholarship. It … Continue reading Theorizing Rape and Potential Rapists

Return to Freud (via Lacan)

The "unconscious" isn't a bathtub bubble emerging from a good theoretical lather in which the intellectual has been wallowing. I have been wrong about it. And being contemptuous of psychoanalysis as a discipline was too uninformed (didn't people say psychoanalysis is dead?). In fact, a realization waylaid me this morning that the idea of unconscious … Continue reading Return to Freud (via Lacan)