Day 59: India’s Covid Economic Package

22/05/2020 Day 59 The direct interfacing that governments across the world are now having with citizens is higher than normal times. With work from home being the default mode, it has opened up possibilities of watching press conferences on long play. In one of the important series, the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Affairs held … Continue reading Day 59: India’s Covid Economic Package

Day 55: Articulating the new state

18/05/2020 Lockdown Day 55 I heard Jan Breman in conversation with other researchers (Ravi Srivastava, Atul Sood, Renana Jhabvala) on the labour and economic trajectory that India has taken with its economic package announcement. This triggered some thoughts. But first, let me quote Breman verbatim, from the webinar today -  In imagining the state, in … Continue reading Day 55: Articulating the new state

Notes from an Indian highway

Towns and villages along Indian highways that connect major cities are being transformed in ways that will have significant bearing on the growth trajectory of this country. It is in these locations that India is changing perhaps more rapidly. One tends to imagine the metropolis as a site of reading transformation in a society, which … Continue reading Notes from an Indian highway

[Policy Thinking]: A Flowchart

In the type of work we do in our consulting practice - research, evaluation and advisory, there is seldom time to develop theoretical insights, during the preparatory phase or during an ongoing work. It helps us to have (relatively) quick process flows; application oriented concepts and most importantly actionable insights. This is where one cannot … Continue reading [Policy Thinking]: A Flowchart

Economics, Development & Policy Takeaways, 2017

It has been an extraordinary year in academic realm, especially in public policy and economics. This is the year when economics got realistic, if one regards the annual Nobel Prize in Economics as a defining moment in economics research. Richard Thaler won it for for showing how the human traits of 'limited rationality, social preferences, and lack of … Continue reading Economics, Development & Policy Takeaways, 2017