India’s farming and carbon credit market

Meet the farmer with whom India's farming enters carbon credit market (Livemint) profiles a farmer from Punjab with 65 acres of landholding. He grows rice using the direct-seeded rice (DSR) method. The method reduces labour cost because transplanting of saplings as well as puddling is not involved in DSR method. He is saving on irrigation … Continue reading India’s farming and carbon credit market

The Beautiful Fabric – Govt & Businesses

With waters getting polluted, small and big fishes are affected equally. Perhaps in proportion to their size. It appears quite similar in business as well, where a stifling, unsupportive and corrupt operating environment of a country affects its own potential as well the businesses operating in that country. Last week I wrote of how we … Continue reading The Beautiful Fabric – Govt & Businesses

“Transformative” Use: Authors Guild vs Google

For those who have followed theAuthors Guild vs Google Inc┬ácase (which has been on for over 8 years now) would know that the court has ruled in favour of Google's book-scanning venture, ruling against the charge that this will deprive authors of their income from their books. The District Court judge used a rather interesting … Continue reading “Transformative” Use: Authors Guild vs Google

HBR’s pricing and access to knowledge

An interesting discussion is brewing on FT with a Rotman School academic - Prof Joshua Gans suggesting that FT should knock-off Harvard Business Review (HBR) from its research component in FT45 ranking of global MBA and EMBA programs. While he acknowledges the quality of papers from the journal, he is clear that the publication is … Continue reading HBR’s pricing and access to knowledge