Contested Realities is about conflicting ideas and views in the real world – where ideas are seen differently, interpreted differently. It concerns such conflicts. It is about development and thoughts from the space. Much of the writings here concern themselves with conflicting world views, observations and thoughts around them. It began during M.A. program – stuff that I was learning then and my views as they shaped over time.

I am a partner in a data-analysis and contract research company for over seven years now. A significant part of business is in development sector consulting.

I am also a high school teacher, where I teach sociology and economics to students of NIOS and IGCSE boards.

And in 2015, I am a candidate in Master of Public Policy program.

I keep a log of reading, music and occasional sentences that float, on Tumblr .

Update July 2017:

Teaching: I no longer teach at Poorna. Though I miss the school, increasing professional and personal ambitions have made it difficult to commit uninterrupted time (during an academic year) for teaching.

Consulting: I work with FRANK Water Projects, UK in their India and Nepal projects. (That partly explains Nepal posts on the blog.). Around the year, my colleague and I tend to have a string of consulting assignments in data analysis and program evaluations.

Business: My partners and I continue to develop scientific instruments and consulting business at Weaver Technologies LLP.

Personal: Graduated with a Master of Public Policy degree from NLSIU in June, 2017. Got the opportunity to work on a personal project as a part of master’s dissertationuse of personal protective equipment among informal sector workers.

In between the above, I nurse hopes of doing at least one 100 mile ultra run this year, work on a sub-3 hr marathon timing.

Update 2018

I am a Teaching Assistant in Public Finance at at NLSIU, besides other things.


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