Day 447


Day 447

The week was packed with farm work. There was no space to think about anything else. In more than a year of the pandemic, there have been two short spells of 4-5 days when I haven’t managed to write the daily journal. Farming involves loads of physical work. It is exhausting and requires long hours. To balance these demands with reading and writing is hard. Unless, it is a slow time in the cropping cycle. May and June are high workload months because of land preparation and input procurement for sowing that happens with the arrival of monsoon rains.

Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that India is recording a lesser number of deaths in the past couple of days. Yesterday 2677 lives were lost of Covid-19 in comparison to 4000+ lives in the previous weeks. The numbers looked worrisome as May passed. It is quite a respite that the second wave seems to have subsided. Speculation on undercounting the numbers will continue. For whatever the national count is worth, I find it useful. To the least, it does convey the intensity of the pandemic in the country. 

Vaccination shortage continues to affect the immunization speed. Many state governments have gained confidence from these numbers on infection rate, positivity rate of cities and districts as well as daily death count, to now think of easing the restrictions. ‘Unlocking’ conversations have begun yet again. I hope the central government does not do the same act as earlier claiming to have ‘defeated’ the virus. 

I am glad to be able to run and cycle around the countryside. In the city, the restrictions have gone on for more than a month. It has not been easy for people to stay home. Physical and mental health needs time outdoors for a lot of us who thrive in trails, parks and under open skies. There is a big reason to be thankful every time I find myself riding through farm trails, blue skies and open roads. 

The pandemic has set filters to life in such a way that there is new found appreciation for things that one had in life and took for granted. 

One thought on “Day 447

  1. Good to see the numbers starting to improve in India. Over here, I have been so grateful for the natural area and network of trails outside my door—it has helped with physical and mental wellbeing through this time of pandemic.

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