Day 100: Work from home


Day 100: Work from home 

It has been a hundred days since the lockdown began.In terms of experience and changes, these days are several years worth of action compressed in a very short span. Under normal circumstances there might be some room to doubt if one’s own reading of the world is actually a projection of the individual’s own state of mind. But not these days. Workplaces have undergone a phenomenal level of change. A significant majority of people who thought they needed an office to visit every day between designated hours now sit in their homes without that need being fulfilled. And yet, they are performing to their expected productivity level. Often, more.  What has this done to our idea of a home? Is ‘work from home’ a system of its own? Moreover, is work done from home different from work done from the office?

Home has acquired a new function – to be a workspace. Those zoom corners in homes are the new popup offices that are here to stay for many.  A regular work day now has family time, personal time and work time blended in ways unseen before. It may not suit everyone to live this way. To be at the office draws clear lines of separation between the worlds of work and family. This separation is conducive for some, while others are happy filling in some of the slow hours during work with personal chores. For most of the lockdown days in April and May, I used slow hours during work for cooking and other household chores. That worked well. 

A lot more possibilities are shaping up in these times than before. Disruption as this pandemic can be that opportunity to rehaul, re-design and possibly re-orient living. The path is inconvenient and painful, but there is a definite hope of emerging better on the other side, as long as we manage to stay infection free.

The diversity of activities during these days is determined by work calls. On days work calls are scheduled, farm visits and evening workouts are curtailed.Today, drove out early in the morning for a cycle ride around. After parking by the farm and walking around, it changed to hiking up to the hill by the side. There are often new observations to pick up while looking out to the landscape from the top of the hil.At home the day was spent watching documentaries on cycling and bike reviews. Also, mountaineering videos make for a great playlist for afternoons..

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