Day 86: Planting saplings


Ajangaon. June, 2020

Day 86

On the morning news, the PM was commenting on the sacrifices of army men in Ladakh, adding that it will not go in vain. I was half asleep when I heard that. There is something distressing about any hint of going to war. The gloom of such conversations got even in that state.There is staggering levels of hostility in the world right now. It is among nations and it is among individuals. In as much as one chooses what to notice around and interact with, this feeling of hostility between people, communities and nations is unmistakably present and one doesn’t have a choice to ignore it. It affects daily life in several ways. For instance, in the last few days Covid -19 related news in national media has been sidelined. It is anti-China sentiment that is being stoked and encouraged. 

In our parallel life in this town, we decided to have a full day at the farm – first, pick up some saplings from nursery and drive to the farm, have packed lunch and follow it up with planting the saplings on the farm. Today, we planted tree varieties that will form a perimeter of shade and green canopy around the house that will be made on it. A lemon tree in the corner and a row of mango, jamun (Java Plum) and amla (Indian Gooseberry)  saplings were set up. 

Drove back in the evening with setting sun lighting up a part of the village landscape like a spotlight. The wind gusts were strong this evening and everyone’s hoping for rain later in the evening.It was deeply satisfying to plant trees. That it will grow into a large canopy and sprawl over this open corner of the farm is an enticing thought. Driving back I realized that the state of mind was peaceful in a way that was unusual. haven’t usually experienced. Maybe it is the act of planting and the associated hope of experiencing its shade someday.

2 thoughts on “Day 86: Planting saplings

  1. What a hopeful post! I am imagining this farm becoming a home one day. In this post and your last you allude to the hostility that is seeping into the current Zeitgeist, from the local to the national, to the international level. And the way it can get into the bloodstream if one is not careful. Our interconnectivity makes hard to shut out. You are so fortunate to have this space away from the big city into which to pour your energy (or some of it). I suspect that the four walls of your Bangalore flat would be getting very tight by now without an escape valve.

    1. Thanks for reading J. I agree with your observation on interconnected lives. But, may be we are willing to pay that as a price for having our hysteria get better of us.
      I do feel glad that I have this option of getting away from the city,

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