Six years of Contested Realities

In the years that followed after I set up this blog, there was a subtle shift in the way I processed new information. I haven’t written prolifically in the six years of this blog. I took time to refine my thoughts into a coherent, complete form before publishing them. These were small essays than a stream of thought. It was a record of my formative ideas in subjects that I pursued during the two master degrees I completed. The starting thought was simple – let me record what I think now and perhaps look back years later to see if I have changed in my ideas and thoughts with time. If yes, how does this change look like. It didn’t have any larger purpose beyond a record and bring a discipline to write… take time out and reflect. I liked the idea of blogging. Of publishing a part of one’s life as a record. A public record. I have noticed that in these six years, my writing shifted from being strictly professional (or impersonal?) to personal. Except those ’roundup’ pieces I wrote at the end of a year, everything else were views on issues which had less to do with my personal life, but those which I thought about and cared for. Over time, I ended up writing about travel and running, these little activities which I had a genuine urge of recording in words. Also, I have often felt that when I write, I explore unknown spaces within my mind and thoughts which have been hitherto unknown. So, there has been an element of surprise as well after having composed those 800-1000 words that I wrote after visiting a place or running a marathon.

I began thinking of these six years because of Fred Wilson’s blog – AVC. He recently blogged about fifteen years of AVC. Like him, I have felt that I have a lot to say. Unlike him, it is an effort for me to write. That I must ‘structure’ my ideas before writing them down, seems to be a hurdle I have never managed to cross easily. I am yet to reach a stage where I can call blogging here a practice, leave alone a daily practice as it is for Fred. However, I agree that it makes me think and approach things with a greater clarity.

Many bloggers whom I know point out that their blogs have been an effective way of reaching out, communicating and meet new people. Looking at the last six years of Contested Realities, Iagree with this observation. It has enriched my life professionally and personally.  I hope I transition to a stage where I write more frequently and unrestrained. I’d like it to be a stream of thought as well as an opportunity to think out loud. One thing I am not sure of yet is the combination of posts. I write at random about personal, public issues and sometimes (rarely though) of specific professional topics. I’d like to put in some effort in balancing these out. For that, I am sure it boils down to marking some time out every day to write. This is another transition I hope to write about in the next five years of this blog. It is here to stay. And get thicker!

2 thoughts on “Six years of Contested Realities

  1. Congratulations on six years! I can’t remember how I found your blog or whether you found mine first, but I love the range of reflections you allow yourself to explore here and you know I will always encourage you to continue and to have confidence in your writing. Remember, few writers sit down and have the words just flow without a great deal of effort to plan or edit the results before producing a finished product.

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