Actual factual life



A three day forecast of heavy rain begins today. A day and a half mine, of these. As I sit waiting for it to ebb, reading and catching up on what babies are upto in the wider network. And then, this one hits. A personal statement, from an individual, reflecting hard on ways of life. And if it is all worth anything. What sure is worth quoting, follows – 

“Generally, I like to take a story of woe from my actual factual life and make it hilarious.”

Many know who this is. She can’t do it anymore. Stories of woe shared with humor is just what world says is the way. All the applause for it from this world. It isn’t. It mustn’t.  

Gadsby has been performing on the comedy circuit for more than a decade, with much of her humor centering on her sexuality. She jokes that her first show was “classic New Gay Comic 101: my coming out story. … I told lots of cool jokes about homophobia. Really solved that problem.” But in Nanette, which has landed her awards, and international acclaim, she says she can’t do it anymore.

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