Paromita writes – 

Lust Stories refuses to play with any confidence, joy or even cerebral thrill and so never creates a filmic rendition of the lustful, desirous or desirable. There is something so bhadralok about this unwillingness to implicate yourself — to touch what is considered impure, an anthropological air about ‘people’ — as if lust does not get all of us, including the filmmakers, into hot messes and interesting places.


Yes, lust complicates life. It also animates life, making us exceed our limits, making us briefly at home in our bodies, filling us with moments of possibility. To show us the complication without the animation is in effect to make only a morality tale, not tell the story of human desire throbbing underneath social life. If these films had a Tinder profile, it would say sapiosexual and we all know that’s not really a thing.

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