Aviation & Microlights


Pilot friend shares commemorative Approach Chart released by Jeppesen for Sully’s landing in Hudson. 


Got no clue about Approach Charts and failed to pick up humor in the tech specs. Took some time and finally realized the import of that exceptional landing by Sully and his crew. Went over quickly to check landings of A380s and Boeing’s 747-8i. These are massive crafts. Intercontinental flights on some days feel a miracle in human history. These planes crunch miles in a terrifying manner. Earth begins to feel smaller. And one reclines back, pondering, gazing out at the intersection of the extensive space and cloudline much beneath the wing, after switching off the flight information system.

Meanwhile, microlight efforts begin in few weeks. It is a compulsive, addictive thing… the love of flying and being able to fly a small craft.  A ferry pilot’s daughter recollects her father’s words on what it takes to ferry small planes across the Atlantic –

It’s a slow aircraft that doesn’t have the sort of high-tech equipment to deal with icing and the weather you might expect in larger or more up-to-date aircraft. “So you are very much using your judgement, skill, experience to pitch yourself against nature and hopefully survive,”. 

Aviation stories will continue to fuel imagination and hint at possibilities.

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