Apa Pant – 4

He writes – 

By the end of 1947, Nalini and I left Aundh. That last day in Aundh is still vivid in my memory. I could not believe that I was leaving Aundh for good. All the pots and pans, beds and cupboards and chairs were loaded on to a state-red number plate truck.

Baba, with his red cap, had come out of the palace to bless his daughter-in-law and me, and our little, sweet four year old daughter, Aditi. Baba was happy and also sad. Happy because his daughter-in-law was to start practicing medicine and surgery in Poona – She had built a house there on the plot given to her by her father and mother. And sad because little Aditi was also leaving.I tried to settle down to a routine in Poona at the end of 1947. I did not know what to do.

Apa ‘did not know what to do’ and goes along! 

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