‘Post some pics’ , was the trigger to look back at pictures from Oslo of 2016. I’ve never quite figured my relationship with photography and what is the nature of that urge to take pictures of places visited. Early years of university, it was a compulsive drive to take pictures , stunning ones; figure the workings of an SLR camera; try different techniques… And all those words from Raghu Rai, Vyrawala, Bresson, McCurry, filled the head.

Along the years, the camera slid off from the side. Often inside its pack. Not with me anymore. Oslo in 2016 was a city experienced through conjugal eyes. Not through the lens. Now with the partner having slid off, camera finds itself back. Strange that the two never came together. This year’s travel will be recorded through the lens and perhaps less with the yearning and muscle memory of missing someone.
Also, need to figure whag the act of taking photographs has meant and will mean for me.

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