NLS Trail

‘Where can we find peacocks?’ has been the most unusual thing on the NLS trail in the last two years of running here. Got stopped by two college kids looking for peacocks. On pointing out to the usual hangouts of the three large groups of peacocks along the trail, the boy gave a tired look. The girl was enthusiastic to go back along the trail and find them. Boy seemed not wanting to. Told them to sit by the pond for a while, and a group might show up. Boy prevailed and the duo left.

That someone was here to get a sight of peacocks was kind of cute. Seen them on several evenings – a splendid dance while a peahen perched on a low branch, young ones learning the course and flight and then over the seasons saw the groups proliferate.
Thought of all this while running repeats of this 2.5 km trail.

Then, two peahens showed up in almost the same locations that were told to the kids asking about. They just needed to wait.

How could patience be told to them, when it has evaded some even in their thirties? May be, it is not for them to see it yet. When chance favours or patience develops, things can happen.

Ran the repeats thinking about patience and the woeful lack of it in my life.

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