NLS Trail

12 km for recovery run after OotyUltra, at the old NLS trail. Went back there after a year. Finished work and hurried off after changing, to not miss the summer evening as it unfolds in this wooded trail. Peacocks, egrets, parakeets and sparrows. All in their little skies above the trail. The pond consumed in its quiet and depleting waterline. As every summer I’ve seen here.

Dreamed a lot on this trail few years back. Some came through. Some didn’t. Some hurt. This evening, it was a return to dream again, knowing well that they don’t always are yours to keep. But that’s the connection with this trail. One loops around and begins dreaming, as though that’s how one must live. Muir knew very well how one connects to some trails. It was the one in Yellowstone for him. Never knew how this works. Didn’t believe when Muir wrote about it. In this decade of life I’ve felt it. Trails are not just geographies. They are personal landscapes too.

Recovery run for sure!

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