roughghosts: Thinking back on February, and riding the ferry across the Hooghly. Good conversation. Calcutta in the distance. Feeling restless again. In 2011 volume of Granta titled ‘The New Granta Book of Travel’ Jonathan Raban introduces the collection and their authors who have a similar restless urge and step out by whatever means, to get … Continue reading

30/5/2018 On how to blow up clear, wholesome hours doing little, on a work day, there is a book load of material ready. Found Mukj Raj Anand’s Conversations in Bloomsbury at Mandala Book Shop. Read through some and got to know a whole lot more about MRA’s years in England and back. Got reminded that … Continue reading

On booksRead Jeanette Winterson’s views on books, via twitter, this morning. “It was actually books that started to make those pockets of freedom, which I hadn’t otherwise experienced. I do see them as talismans, as sacred objects. I see them as something that will protect me, I suppose, that will save me.”Ihave held them as … Continue reading