Those who leave and those who remain


Woke up this morning and learnt about Avicii’s death via twitter. Over the last year have ran to his track ‘The Nights’ on so many evenings. It always bumped me up to a higher pace. It has been the only little connection to this energetic Swede’s music. Will always love this track. On the trail around NLS the evening always brightened up when this played on the earphones. Ahead of Mumbai, pace runs for the marathon always included Avicii. It feels unusual to say this, but he’ll be missed.

Seems ironical that those who start out with most enthusiasm for life die so frightfully early. They leave. In the same act, some of us are left behind. Feeling ‘left behind’ has lately been very familiar, although not triggered not by someone dying. Feeling a certain way sometimes come up from distant events too, as this morning’s news which immediately led to I-am-left-behind thought.

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