Can identify with the feeling that Smith is going through. One needs a whole lot of support to get out of this - the realisation of having done something wrong and wanting to fix it or repent. The world out there cares a fuck and gives a fuck. Even those who were one’s own walk [...]

29/03/2018 Across the Yamuna, sixty kilometres north lies Aligarh. This is one of those journeys which strikes a sense of homecoming even when the destination is unfamiliar. Do stories about lives set in such places lead to such a feeling? Not sure.

27/03/2018One can drive all day in these hills and yet manage to reach only the adjacent mountain range. Experience of a tourist sits in uncomfortably with the hill resident’s in the little hatchback we drive in. He carries his sick wife to the nearest hospital in plains. The tourist nurses his camera, leaping at every [...]

Being Persian

Persians are complex, in an admirable way. This Iranian author’s observations -    Being called an Arab is an insult by Persians whom in the face of foreign invasions have learned to hide such assets but at the same time and over the years have felt touched and moved by their own actions and consequently [...]