“M.’s second disappearance only planted more questions, this time not of the motivation behind his repetitive abandonment, but rather the shelf life of memory: when he will forget me, when I will forget him, who will accomplish this Sisyphean task first. My bet is on him.”

30/03/2018 Stood in the central hall of Maulana Azad Library of AMU taking a good look at this portrait of a man I had only heard of. There were many other men, present as portraits, who appeared as though urging one to see not just inward but gaze out - hard, strong and assertively, at [...]

Aligarh’s cavalry14th Murray’s Jat Lancers was raised here. 120 sowars or cavalrymen made the cavalry regiment raised in Aligarh in 1857. These men and the horses were drawn from the region. I begin to imagine these cavalrymen on the roads of Aligarh today. The men, as sharp featured as now and horses of the finest [...]