Black Holes & Possibilities

Reading about some new findings from research on black holes, courtesy a renewed interest in astronomy last week. The fertility of conversations leave me awestruck at times. This piece is prose and science communication in turns.  As detailed in a report published last week in Physical Review Letters, observers entering certain kinds of theoretical black holes […]


Kafka had a proclivity for letter writing. His letters seem to affirm this. However, it isn’t in the content of his letters that one gets a remarkably sharp insight into this tendency to dress the self, but in a commentary on it. Rafia Zakaria writes –  Reticent or eager, the internet age has made writers […]

loop loop loop… (if Barthelme was to write. That tendency to write a word thrice… infected!)Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan first performed this Mirabai bhajan during his tour to India in 1979. That line ‘pritam ka kuch dosh nahi hai’ strikes differently, in this little room on the terrace, every time it arrives. How amazing, this timelessness of […]