“The road is all yours”, a woman shouts out to the runners passing through Marine Drive. That perhaps is an indicator of how much does this city value its convenience and wouldn’t trade it for anything. That winding Worli Sea Link was also closed for traffic, as it was a part of the full M circuit. What a joy to run these roads without the maddening, heavy volume of vehicles. Mumbai is forever in a hurry. From Nariman Point to Marine Drive to the self-important Pedder Road, all of it for the runners this morning.

From last year to this, six minutes is all that is there to show for! Finished strong and kept a good clip in the last five. Felt good. But felt lonely too. The finish line has changed for a lifetime. There was one to walk up to and give a hug. Ached for it today. Among other things, have to now prepare for lonely finishes. May be, that is also what marathons are supposed to help with…. endure more pain!

#running #marathon

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