What’s with ‘new’ besides signifying a beginning in time? A new pair of shoes. A new friendship. A new journey. A new year. All of these seem to affect a behaviour that isn’t found at later stages. Behaviour with new things is marked by enthusiasm.

What prevents one from running those continuous 10 milers in the thick of June or July and what makes them a kickass experience in the last week of December or firs week of January? This week feels like a locomotive… Clocking in easy miles at a higher pace! That’s when it hits – is it the newness of a calendar year? Will this continue beyond February? One can try to keep the same spirit and interest when the newness wears off. Or keep the newness going. This year, trying the latter.

12 km around Sankey this evening. 16 on GKVK trail last evening and another 16 before that to wash off 2017.

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