Painter from the island

Keyt begins as a Pali scholar, moves on to paintings, discovers textual richness of India, falls in love for the third time, gets back to writing and retreats in quiet country side. A little bio from the neighbourhood, as I discover him -

In the soft hours of early morning we arrive in the city. It was a proverbial jump over the waters from India. For us, we took a better part of the night and arrive on this pearl of an island. Among other sounds, can’t get over the softly spoken Ayubowan by the pretty Sinhalese ladies … Continue reading


प्यार था, बेहद लगाव थापर अब ज़िद्द भी हैलफ्ज़ ज़ाया अब ना करेंगेंइंतेज़ार के दौर से नये ख्वाबों की दहलीज़ तककदम अब ना रुकेंगे pyar tha, behad lagaav thapar abb zidd bhi hailafz abb na zaaya karengeintezar ke daur se naye khwabon ki dehleez takkadam abb na rukenge