State & Pace: Criminal Justice in India

Turns out that not just crash courses happen in four weeks, but policies too are made in India in four weeks. Some of them with policy goal as big as fast tracking of justice system in the country.  The Supreme Court’s or Chief Justice of India’s words wouldn’t have probably made a visible impact in […]

Librarians’ Day

This morning in the school assembly I learnt that August 12th in India is celebrated as Librarians’ Day. Such days and their significance appear to have got confined only to the schools in our times. Colleges, universities and institutions of higher learning transact a great deal of their daily work in and via the library. […]

Prison reforms in India: A quick history

In our work, we figured that a concise history of prison reforms is hard to find. So, in this post I have pieced together the events that led to improving prison conditions and what came of those efforts. Plus, a schematic on criminal justice system. This should be useful for those who’d like to know […]

Indian prisons at a glance

Prisons in no country are a thing to showcase. It is the proverbial underbelly of the society which holds within itself all sorts of deviations that aren’t supposed to be a part of the visible spectrum of society. Lately, in India there has been some noises made about prison reforms. Before this, Indians have only […]